Bit Boards: The Digital Board Game Convention (Board games are moving online, baby!)

Play tons of upcoming and exciting board games online! Learn from the pros about how board games are made.



Sorry, didn’t mean to spook you. Of course we’ll still be playing our favorite cardboard pastimes in the comfort of our own home, with friends and a good drink. But if the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we don’t always have the luxury of these connections.

So we built Bit Boards! Bit Boards is The Digital Board Game Convention. We bring up and coming board games to your fingertips through the power of the humble URL.

Play your favorite board games with friends and strangers through your computer. Explore a unique digital convention hall with evolving links and easter eggs, giving some of the best parts of navigating an IRL location. Listen to talks and participate in events detailing how board games are made, and how we can make them even better in the future.

The event is two days long, on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th. Below are the times.

Saturday the 24th: 12am EST – 8pm EST

Sunday the 25th: 12am EST – 5pm EST

The event is completely free to attend, to everyone. All exhibitors, speakers, and designers have entered for free, and so do all attendees. We aim to support the board game development community.

We would love if you would join us, and play some games. We are a tiny operation, so if this sounds exciting, sharing our event and our URL would be amazing.

Visit the site at:

For Developers

Bit Boards has four main ways you can get in on the action as a board game developer. You can play your games with our audience, sell your games in our vendor village, host an event or talk about board game development, or become a sponsor. All are free of charge. Links below.

Apply to host a Play Session

Apply to sell your game at Bit Boards

Apply to host an Event or Talk at Bit Boards

Apply to Sponsor Bit Boards

The event is finished.


Jul 24 - 25 2021


11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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