Black Museum: Black Mirror and Technological Dystopias (a 2-week course)

A 2-week course taught by an English Professor on the technological near-future dystopias explored in the series Black Mirror



As an anthology series with wholly new characters and storylines in each episode, the connecting thread in Black Mirror is the individual technological dystopias created in each episode. From social credit scores to artificial realities to the dangers of transhumanism, perhaps no other current cultural text speaks so directly about the most ubiquitous to the point of invisible and under-discussed aspects of our current lives: the unprecedented influence of technology over our lives.

This course will place the political realities of our present moment into a discussion with the more fully realized near-future dystopias created in the series. We will consider technology from a philosophical standpoint as well as a more pragmatic one. Technology will not be considered as a wholly material object but also for its function as a symbol and metaphor for human culture itself. Is all culture inherently technological? Our conversations will situate “technology” within its historic context as a long-evolving process. How have conversations and fears about technological advancements like this occurred in the past? Does digital “technology” place a greater threat to humanity than previous technological revolutions? How does technology inevitably mirror ideology? Or, human behavior?

This course lasts for 2-2.5 hours once a week for two weeks. All courses will be held over Zoom and will include a robust discussion portion. All students will also receive a written syllabus, copies of lecture material, and informative handouts related to the course material.
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Sep 23 2021


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm