Black Network Leaders: How they are changing the business from inside and out and making strides in diversity & inclusion

Join us as we uncover practical advice from a plethora of Black Network Leaders on how they are changing the business from inside and out

This event is for Black (or BAME) Network Leaders within organisations that want to have a greater impact on the actions towards improving diversity and inclusion, specifically for black employees. We ask that you attend ready for a discussion that ends with practical accountability steps for your organisations and how BYP Network can better serve you.



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When we hear of the latest inclusion strategies or diversity reports, they are usually coming from the tech industry. With the tech industry being one of the fastest growing industries, and the digital transformation affecting almost every industry. It makes sense why there are endless headlines and news that shine a spotlight on the tech industry, and how tech companies are pushing for greater diversity and inclusion.

However, there are more traditional industries and sectors that are pushing the industry boundaries of how you can consciously create a more inclusive place. Whether it’s construction or the public sector, there are different industries outside of tech that are actively challenging the status quo and what diversity truly means. But why don’t we hear or see about it?

Join us on Tuesday 20th July from 18:00 (BST) to uncover tactics from industries that don’t always get the spotlight but are making great strides. It’s time to repaint the narrative of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it’s not just tech!

Speakers Include:

Dom Scott, Managing Director Alexander Hall (HOST)

Sherah Beckley, Client Engagement Manager, Natural Capital Partners

Flight Lieutenant Charles Ihe, Royal Air Force

The event is finished.


Jul 20 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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