Bodies, Movement and AI in VR (hosted by Goldsmiths University of London)

A day of talks, panels, and demos presenting current perspectives on bodies, movement and AI in VR from research and industry.



Virtual Reality is an embodied medium. We interact with virtual worlds by walking, reaching out to grab things, and using our whole bodies. How can we create VR experiences that make full use of all our bodies?

This symposium will present the research of two projects. The EPSRC funded 4i: Immersive Interaction design for Indie developers with Interactive machine learning explores the use of machine learning AI techniques as a design tool for artists and developers working with body movement in VR. The ESRC funded Development of Own-Body Representations in Childhood examines the developmental changes in the reliance on cues such as vision, touch, and movement to identify one’s own body. We will also explore the ethical implications of the new medium and how it impacts a f

The event is finished.


Sep 03 2021


8:00 am - 2:00 pm

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