Build an Order Book Simulation with Kafka and Streamlit Workshop

In this workshop, we are going to build a program that simulates the process of trading.

Kafka is a framework for stream processing, message delivery and many other tasks. In usual Data science programs, real-time data/event processing is not a big focus but it is an important part of industry practice.

Streamlit is probably the most popular and fastest tool to turn a data science or machine learning project into a usable web app. Knowing it will significantly boost job hunters’ marketability.



In this workshop, we are going to build a program that simulates the process of trading. When you submit a buy or sell order of AAPL as many other people do, there are a lot of mechanisms going on behind the scenes. For example: How is the order of execution determined? How is a market order differentiated from a limited order? What about the notification of a successful trade? I will try to capture the most fundamental principles in stock trading microstructure and build a trading engine to simulate the process with the workshop participants. I promise fun and excitement.

About the Speaker: Ron Li , Data Science Instructor

Ron is a data science instructor, senior data scientist at Galvanize. He is in LA. Ron likes cracking into new subjects, learning them and creating stuff on top of that. Ron authored a 4.5-star book called Essential Statistics for Non-STEM Data Analysts.

About the Moderator: Brittany Baker, Alumni Experience Strategist

Brittany recently joined the Alumni Experience Team and is looking forward to working with the alumni community! Prior to starting this adventure, she worked in higher education at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and lived in both New York City and Abu Dhabi for five years. During her time at NYUAD, she advised students, planned international trips, and co-taught a leadership & public speaking class. Being in higher education for the past six years, she loves collaborating and working with others to help them reach their goals.

How To Prepare for Event:

Download Zoom beforehand. Please come with questions and add them to the chat as the event begins.

The event is finished.


Jun 22 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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