Building Australia’s Capability on Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Building Australia’s Capability on Ethical Artificial Intelligence



On 1 September 2021, Australia’s former Human Rights Commissioner, Edward Santow, takes up a new position at the University of Technology Sydney as Industry Professor – Responsible Technology.

Mr Santow will lead a major UTS initiative to build Australia’s strategic capability in artificial intelligence (AI) and new technology. This initiative will support Australian business and government to be leaders in responsible innovation—by developing and using AI that is powerful, effective and fair. The initiative will provide three main types of training:

Bespoke leadership development: to develop effective AI strategy for senior government and private sector leaders

Targeted training in AI-exposed sectors: to build the understanding of key employees in sectors, such as financial services, where there is high investment in AI, to support good decisions regarding development, procurement and use of AI

General workplace training: to build the understanding of employees in all sectors how AI is relevant to their work.

This event is an opportunity to learn more about UTS’s strategy and plans in this important area and what it means for Australia’s digital skills uplift as well as the commercialisation and strategic agenda for AI. Edward will also discuss the ethical AI and regulatory issues.

The event is finished.


Oct 12 2021


1:30 am - 2:30 am

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