Building Laterally: Anti-Oppression Frameworks in Open Source

The increase of social justice language in open source digital infrastructure begs reflection on the political processes behind this shift.



We are increasingly seeing social justice language in mission statements, codes of conduct, grant proposals, and more in open source software and digital public infrastructure. The incorporation of anti-oppression frameworks into organizational governance and policies begs a reflection on the political processes behind this shift. As we have seen in other sectors at different points in history, radical frameworks born out of specific political contexts can become sanitized and depoliticized as they are applied more widely. As open source digital public infrastructure embraces anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-colonial, and gender-affirming values and commitments, how can project leaders and community managers critically assess this work and the tools relied on to do it?

As the urgency shifts in many organizations from the documentation of anti-oppressive values to considerations of their implementation or “enforcement,” the question of the political trajectories we are on becomes more important. Join a panel discussion with open source leaders, anarchist organizers, and community managers that explores the building of resilient community structures. Explore with them their experiences addressing harm and creating safety and revisit with them the radical roots underpinning today’s social justice discourse.

The event is finished.


Dec 08 2021


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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