Building the Workforce of the Future

Join us on December 15 from 3-5pm to celebrate the role of regenerative workforce.



Our jobs are often more than just jobs. They are our livelihoods, our identities, the means through which we support our families, build our communities and realize our purpose. In this time of great uncertainty and upheaval—climate change, job automation, high employee turnover, the transition to green energy—how can we build the robust, resilient workforce necessary for a regenerative future? Can we leverage these transformations to create new systems where everyone has the opportunity to pursue a meaningful career and access to the basic services (childcare, housing, transportation, etc) that make it possible? Join us on December 15 from 3-5pm for a virtual event about building the workforce of tomorrow!

1st panel:

Natriece Bryant – Deputy Chief Customer Officer and Stimulus Coordinator for Office of Information Technology

Lee Wheeler-Berliner – Director, Colorado Workforce Development Council

2nd panel:

Alfanette Rice Mays – Founder/CEO, I Am Tranzitions, Inc.

Luella Chavez D’Angelo – CEO and Board Director, Colorado Inclusive Economy

Sasha Nelson – Executive Director Workforce Education and Economic Development at Colorado Northwestern Community College

Matt Harris – Director of Business Development – Latin America, Solar Energy International

A robust, resilient workforce will not be possible without businesses and organizations committing to regenerative practices. The first 40 registrants who donate over $50 while registering for this event will receive a signed copy of Net Positive by Andrew Winston—one of the speakers from our last Coalition panel! This book outlines the principles for surviving and thriving as a regenerative business, based on the experience of several groundbreaking global organizations.

The event is finished.


Dec 15 2021


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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