Career Strategies for The Great Resignation

The greatest migration of workers has started. Are you ready to make your move?



The past year and a half has forcibly shifted the entire culture of work like a shock to the system going from an office environment with limited flexibility to a fully flexible remote working environment. Similarly, as we flip the “normal-switch” back on this summer, many companies are expecting their workforce to return to office culture, while others are offering more flexible options.

This shift back to “normalcy” is hitting each individual differently based on where they are at emotionally, mentally, and physically and the purpose of today’s session is to discuss into how to strategically determine your career direction by better understanding the story you are telling yourself. Once you get clear on that story, learning how to effectively share it with your manager(s)/decision-maker(s) at your company with the goal of clarifying and finalizing your decision to either stay in your current role or make the shift into a career that better supports your ideals.


What are we seeing this summer with employees and organizations? Examples of company policies and stories of shifts clients have made

Should I stay or should I go? Decision-making matrix

Having Clearing Conversations (guide to structuring powerful conversations with your manager)

Next steps if you decide to start looking elsewhere


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Aug 10 2021


9:00 pm - 10:30 pm