Careers in Data Science: The Power of AI in Healthcare

Join us to find out the career opportunities for data professionals in the healthcare industry. New to data science? This is perfect for you



Data science and artificial intelligence are rapidly transforming the healthcare industry and saving lives by the minute! From increasing efficiency and effectiveness in screening tests, to having minimally invasive surgeries with the help of AI-driven robotic surgery; every aspect is being augmented with the use of technology.

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly reliant on data, the demand for data professionals in the industry is rising exponentially!

To analyse the power of AI in healthcare, and the need for data professionals, hear from our Data Science and Machine Learning Instructor, Reshma Punjabi, as we explore various use cases and discuss the areas of growth to be enabled through AI and machine learning.

We’ll discuss:

The demand for data professionals in the healthcare industry

Let’s look at the data! HK healthcare industry trends

For non-technical professionals – how to upskill and pursue a career in data science

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in understanding the vital role of AI in the healthcare industry

Data professionals interested in working in the healthcare industry

Professionals (tech and non-tech backgrounds) in the healthcare industry who are interested in learning about the role of AI in healthcare and how you can utilise data science to improve your performance and become more data-driven

Career changers interested in pursuing a career in data science and machine learning

Whether you’re in the industry, a tech professional interested in working in the industry, or just curious to learn more about the role of technology in healthcare, this event is for you!

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Jun 08 2022


7:00 am - 7:45 am

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