CCI Online Open Day: MA Internet Equalities

MA Internet Equalities explores how power relations are organized, embedded and perpetuated in internet technologies, and how they can be re-organized or challenged through critical, creative and activist practice.



How is ‘power’ being defined in the course?

What is being included as ‘internet technologies’?

What mix of content on coding, activism, and design will there be in the course?

What kinds of career paths could lead from this course?

What kinds of projects or assignments will I be working on?

How does the application process work?

If you’d like to get some of these questions answered (and many more!), join the MA Internet Equalities Online Open Day at CCI to meet Course Leader Dr Peaks M. Krafft and current students at the course.

About MA Internet Equalities

The course provides students from a range of disciplinary backgrounds with the skills to understand and implement applied equality in technology development. We define internet equalities as socio-technical systems that explicitly oppose discrimination on the grounds of race, class, gender, gender identity, sexuality, age, belief and ability.

More and more internet-based products, services, platform owners, communities and governments recognise the importance equality plays in developing technologies that can confront social problems such as racism, gender oppression and economic exclusion. Technology professionals who have critical and creative skills around human rights, inclusion and ethical design are in high demand as the industry shifts the narrative from what we could make to what we should make.

You can also find out more about the other postgraduate courses on offer at University of the Arts London. Explore the full programme of online open days.

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Nov 30 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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