CFO Innovation SEA India Resurgence Forum 2021

While Indonesia has pledged over USD24 billion for enterprises, SMEs through tax incentives/credits, India has unveiled an investment-driven USD500 billion budget, promising government-backed infrastructure and manufacturing sectoral support. Malaysia too has announced an expansionary budget of USD80+ billion in the hope of reviving enterprise activity.

As enterprises devise resilient approaches to make use of these stimulus plans to return to profitability, employment creation and towards growth and expansion, learn from top CFOs of leading enterprises in India, Indonesia and Malaysia on how they plan to capture the emerging demand, revisit financial management techniques and gear up for growth and expansion – with the help of ideal tech integration.



CFO SEA- India Forum will bring a plethora of topics at the top of the finance leadership agenda in a -digital platform amid a global pandemic.

Why This Event:

Accelerating Organization’s Finance & Accounting Transformation Post Pandemic

Transforming Business Finance: Dealing with Finance Automation in Business Decision Making

Leveraging on the Power of Cloud: Staying Connected with Cloud Adoption

Making Finance more Predictive and Proactive with Real-Time Insights and Intelligence

Impact and Opportunities: Deciding on Post-Pandemic Response and Revival Plan

The event is finished.


Aug 23 - 26 2021


10:00 pm - 1:30 am