CivTech Alliance COP26 Global Scale-up Programme – Q&A (Scotland)

Join us in our Q&A session to find out how you can get involved in this innovative global programme to solve 3 climate change challenges



The CivTech Alliance COP26 Global Scale-Up Programme will help scale-up companies accelerate product roll-out of net-zero and climate change solutions for public sectors around the world.

What is the CivTech Alliance COP26 Global Scale-Up Programme?

Welcome to The CivTech Alliance COP26 Global Scale-up Programme! 8 governments and 3 academic/not-for-profit institutions across 10 countries have joined together to provide a unique access programme in the run up to, and during, COP26 in Glasgow in November. In collaboration with the United Nations Development Program, the World Resources Institute and Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, three challenges have been set relating to the COP26 goals around environmental resilience, food wastage and decarbonisation of commercial vehicles for fast-growth companies with global ambitions to solve.

For stakeholders across governments, NGOs, the climate change community, investors and sponsors this is a unique opportunity to collaborate with scale-ups across North America, South America, Europe and Australia to deliver real impact on climate change.

Why get involved

This innovative programme draws together leading GovTech and CivTech innovation programmes around the world to deliver a global platform for fast growth companies to access policymakers, procurers and investors across regional ecosystems. And from there, to present at events during COP26 in November, where the eyes of the world will be on Glasgow, Scotland for the climate change negotiations.

For participating governments, this is an opportunity to be a world leader in intergovernmental collaboration through engaging with a collaborative network that delivers concrete change on the ground to net-zero targets.

For participating companies this programme is an opportunity to be part of the first cohort of a truly global public sector scale-up programme. You will benefit from extensive promotion of your company across governments and investors internationally, and you will be able to leverage a unique platform for international exposure at COP26. In addition to these promotion opportunities, the networks you will access will have the potential to short-cut sales cycles through having direct access to global investors and governments with specific net zero interests.

It is geared towards fast growth scale-ups as these companies stand most to gain from the engagements of the programme due to having more mature products and services that are ready to go-to-market.

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Jul 13 2021


3:00 am - 3:45 am

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