Clean Energy Careers for O&G Professionals – Drivers & Opportunities

Understand the drivers of the Energy Transition and opportunities it creates for O&G professionals to positively transform their careers



Join us for a discussion with Dr. Jeffrey Hardy, Senior Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London.

Jeff explains the science behind the Energy Transition and the main factors leading the way out of fossil fuel dependency. He also explores how the specialized skills that energy professionals in oil & gas have learnt are critical to build the energy mix of the future, creating challenging and exciting opportunities for them.

About the speaker:

Dr. Jeffrey Hardy is a Senior Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute, Imperial College London. Jeff has over 20-years academic, policy and business experience in sustainable energy. He has helped clients around the world understand the implications of zero carbon futures on business models and strategy, consumers, customers and citizens, policy and regulatory frameworks and energy systems. Jeff is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, where he leads a team in the UK Energy Revolution Research Consortium examining the policy and regulation of smart local energy systems. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Public Power Solutions, Deputy Chair of the UK Power Networks Customer Engagement Group, and Director of Sustainable Energy Futures Ltd.

Jeff is also the creator of the program Energy Transition for Oil and Gas Professionals. This 8-week online course provides an overview of climate change science, the interconnection of our energy systems with carbon emissions, and the role of innovation, technology, regulation and finance to drive global decarbonization efforts at scale. The program is designed to help O&G professionals navigate the energy transition by creating their own career transition roadmap and building valuable connections in the clean energy sector.

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Oct 20 2021


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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