Closing the Gap & Building Resilience: Technology-Driven Rural Development

Engage with Canadian experts and community leaders to learn how rural communities are leveraging technology and data.



On July 22nd, 1 pm-2 pm EDT, ICTC in partnership with Open North invites you to join Alexandra Cutean, Chief Research Officer at ICTC, and Maria Tomovic, Deputy Executive Director at Open North for a virtual panel discussion with experts and community leaders to learn how rural Canadian communities are leveraging technology and data to support inclusive growth and address local needs.

The digital economy is rapidly evolving, bringing with it previously unthinkable opportunities for innovation and growth. This past year in particular has brought to the forefront the opportunity of technology to break down geographical barriers; it has also demonstrated how timely and accurate data can be leveraged to drive community-centred outcomes that address real-life needs. Although notable challenges exist—including connectivity and infrastructure—resilient and responsive rural communities are cornerstones to a strong and competitive digital economy for Canada.

Join us to explore important questions, engage with experts, and learn more about how rural communities across Canada are leveraging technology and data to enhance the quality of life of their residents and support sustainability and growth.

This virtual panel will provide:

An overview of the increasingly digital economy and its impacts across urban and rural communities

An understanding of how rural communities can leverage open data to support community needs

Examples of community-driven initiatives leveraging open data and technology

*A question and answer session will follow the presentations allowing participants to interact with the panellists.

The event is finished.


Jul 22 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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