Co-Creating Futures For Fashion Through Speculative Design

Fashion Futures: a collective and interdisciplinary approach to futures thinking in transitional times



In transitional times societies are characterised by complexity and contradiction, where old systems are crumbling while new ones have not yet emerged. In a global context driven by chaos, fast pace changes, sustainability challenges, and erratic societal behaviours, rethinking fashion is crucial.

To explore the futures of fashion we invite you to experiment speculative design and foresight methods in a participatory hands-on session. You will dive deep into alternative futures of fashion in the year 2050. You will be invited to stretch your imagination and experience a collective intelligence knowledge creation to imagine different futures, to allow plurality of visions and to appreciate novelty.

This workshop intends to approach speculative design and co-design as methods to facilitate futures thinking.

This workshop is part of Ph.D research entitled: Fashion Futures: a collective and interdisciplinary approach to futures thinking in transitional times which has been conducted in the School of Fashion & Textiles at RMIT Australia. It explores cultural values invisibly inscribed into fashion dynamics to collectively imagine futures for and through fashion.

What to expect

– Challenge your assumptions about fashion and futures

– Experience the power of a collective thinking about the fashion and futures

– Get familiar with foresight and speculative design methods and investigate ways to deploy them in other topics.

– Take action through a creative approach towards futures thinking.

How it works

This online Design Futures workshop will take place, on Saturday, April 24th. Alternating between small groups and the plenary, up to 20 participants will dive deep into different futures of fashion. Participants will first explore and challenge current assumptions to further stretch the imagination to think about alternative futures not just in creating scenarios, but also in creating prototypes and visuals that might illustrate and materialise new visions of future. Concluding, we will discuss the ideas together and how this workshop might evolve in next editions.

Participants will receive a Consent Form that must be signed and returned to the researcher beforehand the workshop. due to Ethics requirements.

Who should attend

– Fashion stakeholders (including students, users, professionals, or academics);

– Designers, artists, creators;

– People involved in culture studies;

– Everyone interested in building alternative futures together

– Everyone wanting to learn and explore speculative design and foresight method s in a co-design session.

Your facilitator

Clarice Garcia is a researcher, designer and facilitator and holds a master’s degree in Design from the University of Brasilia in Brazil. She is also conducting her Ph.D in the school of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT Australia. Since 2014, Clarice has been passionately engaged in trend forecasting processes, collaborating with trend and design research companies, including Box1824, Float, Questto Nò, and Kantar Latin America, unfolding futures to clients such as Unilever, Ford, Grendene, and Nestlè. Clarice is also interested in the power of collective thinking and participatory design processes to envision more democratic and plural visions of futures.

The event is finished.


Jul 20 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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