Code-Along #6: Can social media data predict cryptocurrency prices?

Make API calls on Twitter and CoinGecko to obtain data and train a machine learning price movement classifier.



Are you

proficient in Python?

interested in seeing how different datasets can be used together?

hoping to use ML in the finance industry?

Join UpLevel in our monthly Code-Along!

In this month’s code-along, UpLevel co-founder and instructor Jackie will teach you to use social media data and correlate it with cryptocurrency price movement, assessing if there is a relationship between the two. You will be obtaining data from Twitter and CoinGecko, then using machine learning to train a price movement classifier.

What You’ll Do

Acquire data from Twitter and CoinGecko via API

Cleaning and pre-processing tweets

Correlating data obtained from tweets with a select cryptocurrency’s price movement

Datanaut Perks

UpLevel Datanauts* will also get access to the following

AMA in the final 15 min

recording of both the code-along and the AMA

project notebook to accompany the code-along


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The event is finished.


Sep 23 2021


7:00 am - 9:00 am