CODE ON – Online Intro to Web Development | HTML/CSS ,(free 3-hour course)

CODE ON is a Free Online Saturday Workshop to Learn Web Development. No Experience Needed! Led by DevPoint Lab’s Expert Instructor.



CODE ON: Intro to Web Development: is an ONLINE workshop geared towards beginners powered by DevPoint Labs (no prior coding experience necessary). You’ll learn key HTML/CSS concepts and how to build a webpage. This is an open event for all, so invite your friends or anyone you know that is interested in coding and web development. The event will begin at 11:00 am Mountain Standard Time (1:00 pm EST, 10:00 am PST).


This is intended for any beginners that want to know more about Web Development. No prior experience necessary!


We recommend all attendees of this workshop have all of the following prerequisites:

– Have an open heart and mind.

– A monitor for a second screen is recommended.

Please download the following applications to your computer before the event.

This workshop will be delivered through Create a free account. Here is the Zoom meeting room: Passcode: 1234 The room will be open 15 mins before the workshop starts. Please arrive early if you have any questions.

Discord – A communicator and code sending tool. Once you have created a free Discord account, join our community with this URL Once you join our community, join the code-on channel under DevPoint Labs. This is the channel we will use for the workshop.

Please create a free account at We will be creating a pen to build a sample webpage. It’s great for beginners. If you would like to use your own text editor, please make sure you are familiar with your text editor of choice.

The event is finished.


Jul 17 2021


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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