Coding Workshop for Teachers: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Discover new and exciting ways to teach your classes by incorporating AI and coding projects that align with the curriculum | 1 hour online



This workshop offers an introduction to AI and how it affects our daily lives and shapes our online experiences. Exploring the power of AI systems, you’ll be guided through an ethical debate about labour, consumption, and technology.

We’ll demystify 21st century technologies through practical activities and simple modules that can be easily integrated into any lesson plan. Participants will have the chance to train a personalized machine learning model to demonstrate the biases and lack of transparency that can arise in the training phase of an AI system.

Learning outcomes

Understand how artificial intelligence works

Discover ethical artificial intelligence by analyzing a set of scenarios

Learn how ethical AI may affect future jobs

The event is finished.


Dec 16 2021


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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