Communal computing: building multi-user devices & skills for home & office

Home assistants & smart displays are designed with one major flaw: with one person, the owner, in mind yet act as a shared communal device.



Communal devices have become a staple of the technology world and when designed correctly they can cater to the needs of multiple users while maintaining the privacy and security of the owner.

We will discuss how voice assistants can be built without these flaws on apps that don’t address these key problems and how you can embrace the environment in which they operate to create a more intelligent – and ultimately more human-like – voice assistant experience.

Event Schedule (EDT Time Zone):

5:30 PM Early open for Zoom setup/etc

5:35 PM Bots and AI Kickoff / Speaker Introductions

5:37 PM Chris Butler – Communal computing: building multi-user devices & skills for home & office

6:10 PM Q&A

Speaker Bio:

Chris Butler is a product manager, writer, and speaker with over 20 years of product management leadership at Microsoft, Waze, KAYAK, and Facebook Reality Labs. He is now Assistant Vice President, Head of Product Operations, at Cognizant where he PM’s the PM experience.

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Oct 05 2021


5:30 pm - 6:10 pm

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