Communications for Outer Space Activities

Listen to a panel of space communicators from business, government, and NGOs. Build and workshop real scenarios about outer space!



Hotels in orbit! A village on the moon! Gold mines on asteroids! Is this a new sci-fi series on Netflix? Nope – it’s the next ten years of space activities in real life. Big things are happening up there, and professional communicators need to be ready to tell those stories down here.

Ask any astronaut and they’ll tell you: space is hard. But building political support for space missions, marketing a new space startup, or advocating for equitable use of space? That’s also hard. And it’s absolutely critical to the ongoing success of space activities. Space needs not just scientists and engineers, space needs storytellers and communicators, too.

Join us to find out how you fit in. Communications for Outer Space Activities will take place 12pm – 2pm PDT / 3pm – 5pm EDT on Tuesday, July 20th by Zoom. We’ll have an outstanding panel of space communicators from business, government, and NGOs. You will have the opportunity to workshop real world scenarios, and get insight on how you can launch your space career.

This event is co-sponsored by Block by Block Creative

Meet panelists:

Marc Sklar, Director of Communications, Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

Laila Gislason, Co-Founder, Chief of Marketing, Foundation for the Future

Sylvester Placid, Communications Strategist at NASA

Jordan Melograna, Affiliate Instructor, University of Washington Communication Leadership CEO, Block by Block Creative

Dave Hebert, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications Astroscale U.S., Inc.

Trevor Hammond, Chief of Staff and VP of Communications Planet

The event is finished.


Jul 20 2021


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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