Compute.for(Africa) – Accelerate Research & Reduce Computing Time

Discover how DCP harnesses the computing power of existing computers and devices on school campuses to power research & innovation.



Computing power is the backbone of modern research, digital transformation and innovation. Many are left without adequate access to sufficient computing power due to barriers of accessibility, affordability, and opportunity. Thus, the pace of scientific research, innovation, and discovery diminishes.

DCP is a secure technology that mitigates the barriers to computing power. This secure technology easily powers computationally-intensive applications with smart workload placement. We want to empower academic institutions with the tools to harness computing power from existing campus computing infrastructure. Our Compute.for(Africa) initiative aims to democratize access to computing power at no cost to academic institutions. We are seeking to partner with academic institutions and innovation hubs in Kenya to augment computing resources and accelerate research and innovation with DCP.

Join us for a 1-hour information session on how to pilot our technology, the Distributed Compute Protocol (DCP), at your university or college.

In this information session we will talk about:

1. Compute.for(Africa) objectives and goal
2. Technology overview
3. Current University Partnerships & Pilots overview: Learn How You Can Join
4. Common Use Cases for Researches, Faculty, and Student
5. Q & A

About Distributed Compute Labs:

Distributed Compute Labs is a Canadian educational nonprofit responsible for building the Distributed Compute Protocol, and pioneering the future of computational discovery. To this end, we are on a mission to accelerate science, research, and innovation by making computing accessible to all.
For more information about Distributed Compute Labs and its programs, please visit our website at

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Oct 28 2021


7:00 am - 8:00 am

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