Conquering the Fear Factor: Ethical Use of Technology-Rob Reinhardt, M.Ed (Central Oregon Assoc. of Psychology)

Conquering the Fear Factor: Ethical Use of Technology in the Age of Open Notes, Telehealth and Social Media
By Rob Reinhardt, M.Ed.



When providing quality, convenient care for our clients, it is virtually impossible to avoid the integration of technology. Technology can allow us to work more efficiently, more productively, freeing up more time for our work with clients. Further, it can provide us opportunities to interact with, and gather data from, or share data with our clients even when they are not in session. Using cloud-based technology, we can be more mobile in our work and greatly reduce both our financial and temporal overhead, which means increasing our profit. These benefits are not without challenges, however. There are ethical and legal implications of using technology that must be considered. These considerations along with regulation and compliance challenges grow as quickly as the fast pace of technology. When understood, and addressed appropriately however, those challenges need not lead to fear. This presentation will give an overview of myths and facts regarding our use of technology in behavioral health work. We will address the ethics and legalities of technology use so that therapists can utilize it with confidence. Special attention will be paid to the latest updates on Telehealth, Open Notes (i.e. Information Blocking), and responsible use of Internet communication technologies.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

1. To distinguish between popular myths and the facts about ethical and legal technology use.

2. Gain clarity regarding some specific uses of technology (i.e. credit cards, EHR, etc.) and how those uses relate to HIPAA and Ethics.

3. Understand the PIT principle, regarding accessibility of information on the Internet.

4. Understand the dangers of discussing clients online and ways to do so ethically, protecting client privacy.

5. Understand the purpose of the Information Blocking Rule (i.e. Open Notes) and how it may apply to them and their choice of technology.

The event is finished.


Sep 24 2021


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm