Conversational UX Design #5 – Social Aspects of Human-Chatbot Interaction

Dr. Stefan Morana on Designing the Social Aspects of the Human-Chatbot Interaction



Chatbot designers often incorporate social cues to make the human-chatbot interaction more natural and human-like. Social cues are design features of chatbots that trigger social reactions by users that are appropriate when directed at other humans but inappropriate when directed at computer-based systems such as chatbots. In my talk, I build on the computers are social actors (CASA) paradigm and introduce a conceptualization of social cues of chatbots. Then, I present our developed taxonomy of social cues and demonstrate the impact of specific social cues based on several experimental studies. Research shows that social cues impact users’ perceptions, intentions, and behavior during the human-chatbot interaction and thus, are highly relevant for the design of chatbots. The social cues taxonomy and our research papers can be found here:

Speaker’s Bio

Stefan Morana is a Junior Professor of Digital Transformation and Information Systems at the Saarland University. His research focuses on the human-centered design of interactive systems for the digital transformation from the perspective of the individual, organizations, and society. More specifically, he investigates the design of assistant systems and conversational interfaces supporting the individual usage of information systems. His research has been published in leading Information Systems journals and conferences.

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Jun 14 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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