CONVERSATIONS ON Digital Divide: Libraries, Archives, and Museums’ Role

CONVERSATIONS ON Role of Libraries, Archives, and Museums in Breaking Digital Barriers, by Unboxing Empathy and Equity in the Post-COVID-19



‚ÄúThe covid-19 pandemic has led to a boom in digital technology, but risks entrenching inequality (among people, businesses and economies), says Zakaria‚Ķ This pandemic has shifted the world to an almost entirely digital space where the big get bigger and the small get wiped out.‚ÄĚ [CPA Toronto]

A new literacy normal needs an intersectionality-led exploration to deal with misinformation. This will be essential in empowering underprivileged people, empathizing with them as individuals and as humans.

Purpose of the Conversation is to reflect:

>>>>on social and cultural empathy (e.g., to empower the vulnerable youth),

>>>>>narrowing digital divide in the community (e.g., dynamics of engaging the elderly).

Webinar Facilitator Dr. Mohamed Taher Chief Information Officer, Canadian Multifaith Federation, Toronto

The event is finished.


Jan 05 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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