COURSE: What are the Components and Technologies of Cloud Computing (Part I) (hosted by California Science & Technology University)

Cloud Computing is forcing a revolution in information technology, programming practices…

Like a tsunami wiping the land clear of what went before, cloud computing is forcing a revolution in information technology, programming practices: the changing business value are rewriting our careers and how we live.

This course will provide the student with an overview understanding of Cloud Computing‘s impact, the financials driving its adoption, an understanding of this technology, enable the student to gain both an overview of its uses and some hands on experience with it, and do so in a common sense way.



This course is an introduction to Cloud Computing for students without prior programming or technical experience. The student who has general experience working in tech or modern startups will find this course especially helpful to understand the technology: this course is the first step in a solid education in cloud technology for software engineers through engineering managers.

We cover the financial and business drivers for Cloud Adoption through the detailed technology. We will how the main cloud providers implement the technologies, with simple hands-on practice in Azure, AWS, and optionally GCP. We will first introduce the student to the financial and business drivers for Cloud Adoption, then dig into the technologies: from network SDN/VDN through security, virtualization/containerization, serverless Functions/Software/Platform/Infrastructure AS A Service, and where these fit into a customer’s cloud journey and your career’s biztech expectations.

The student will gain simple, hands on, experience in the configuration of simple components in both Azure and AWS (assuming free tier licensing is available to the student in both). For extra credit, the student will then deploy the same simple functionality in GCP.

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Sep 27 2021


10:30 pm - 12:00 am

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