CPOEF E-TALK: Redefining Your Business Model for Advanced Technologies and Digitization

Redefining your business model – from improving process efficiency to orchestrating the value co-creation




Business transformation programs have long focused on a “better, faster, cheaper” approach to how the company works, thus increasing productivity by streamlining the processes. However, with the rise in connectivity, the democratization of the tools of production, and the explosion of data, today, this is not good enough to excel in the market.

Advanced technologies and digitization are pressuring existing companies to refine their business models but also to remake as well as redefine who and what they are as organizations.

The business digital transformation is driven by creating the digital ecosystem around the product. In order to be successful, companies should not only rely on digital or technological competences but rather leadership capability, which enables them to drive the organizational change.

In the next CPOEF E-TALK, we will focus on main technological trends driving industries, the process of business transformation, and the tools that help us identify the core competences of a company and internal and external barriers that might arise along the transformation.

Our distinguished guest speakers will be:

  • Johann Stadler, Head of Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 (IT) at Hilti Group
  • Anton Koller, District Energy Divisional President at Danfoss Heating
  • Aleš Temeljotov, Sales and Operations Manager at Metronik

Discussion will be moderated by Polona Domadenik, SEB LU.

The event is finished.


Nov 17 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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