Create a Responsible AI Strategy



Speakers: Pieter den Hamer and Svetlana Sicular

Responsible AI makes artificial intelligence a positive force, rather than a threat to society and to itself. Responsible AI is an umbrella term for many aspects of making the right business and ethical choices when adopting AI that organizations often address independently. These include business and societal value, risk, trust, transparency, and accountability. This complimentary webinar looks at the most critical aspects of responsible AI — accountability, explainability and fairness. You will get best practices on how to drive AI responsibly to increase trust, maintain compliance, protect your reputation and, most of all, do wonderful things safely.

• Why is responsible AI critical to business and society
• The most critical aspects of responsible AI
• Where and how to start implementing responsible AI

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Aug 26 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm