Create Lean Web Apps with Meaningful Impact Using the Phoenix Framework for Social Impact Organizations

CoLab discusses the merits of Elixir and Phoenix as an efficient language for building web apps to support social impact organizations.



What makes a new, impactful web tool a success? Designing and implementing strategic online technology is a dynamic and often challenging process. Inspiring vision and stakeholder goals need to be balanced with funding and the dynamic realities of software development. Adopting a focused approach to web software development allows organizations to implement novel digital strategies that provide tangible value to stakeholders with immediate results, reduced costs, and less risk.

Over the past decade the CoLab team has built a wide range of such lean web apps: from data portals to online marketplaces and worker-centered business directories. We’ve found that there are hallmarks of design processes that mark successful lightweight application builds. We’ve also found that the right technology can have a dramatic impact on both the systems design and implementation phases.

Using the Phoenix framework and Elixir language greatly reduces the cost and time to launch, and we want to share some of what we’ve learned with organizations whose work might benefit from our experiences. Please join us to share some of our learning from our experience, some approaches we’ve developed to support our partners, and a discussion of how Elixir and Phoenix might help make your projects a reality.

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Aug 26 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm