Creating Successful Online Simulation Experiences (2.5 contact hours)

This session will explore strategies for meeting the needs of faculty and students when simulation learning goes online. Reflecting on the rapidly changing nursing education environment, participants will explore best practices for application of simulation for clinical supplement or replacement.



Our expert simulation consultants will offer tips and techniques for creating preparatory activities to help your participants get the most from online simulation-based learning experiences.

We will discuss strategies for selecting screen-based simulations aligned with your objectives and help you discover evidence-based debriefing methods for use in the virtual learning environment. Join us for this special session designed to increase the effectiveness of your online simulations.

Discuss current trends in nursing education, simulation, and online learning

Relate simulation standards of best practice and regulatory guidelines to simulation-based learning experiences for augmenting clinical experiences

Describe essential orientation, preparatory activities, and pre-briefing principles for the online clinical experience

Identify simulation selection criteria to support achievement of clinical objectives in the online environment

Consider evidence-based debriefing methods for application to the virtual learning environment

Discover assessment and evaluation tools to support online clinical simulation experiences

The event is finished.


Aug 18 2021


10:00 am - 1:00 pm