CRISPR-Based Diagnostics

CRISPR-based diagnostics is a relevant technology for fast, affordable and ultra-sensitive testing at home, point of care or in the field.



The fast and accurate diagnosis of a disease is central to effective treatment and prevention. Detections of nucleic acids are most sensitive and specific technology for diagnostics. However, most such diagnostic platforms require expensive equipment and trained personnel. Recently CRISPR-Cas platform has been developed for rapid, sensitive, specific, cheap and reliable diagnostic. CRISPR-based diagnostics have broad applications in the sensing of a variety of molecular targets relevant to human health. It will lead to revolutionary breakthrough of diagnostics.

Topics Covered

Introduction of CRISPR system

Cas proteins for diagnostics

Applications of CRISPR-based diagnostics

Our Speaker

Clark Xie, PhD – Director of Molecular Biology @ SignalChem Lifesciences

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Nov 23 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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