CTO Craft Bytes-Does the tech industry suffer from mass Impostor Syndrome?

This fireside chat brought to you by CTO Craft will discuss impostor syndrome within the technology industry.




This fireside chat brought to you by CTO Craft will discuss impostor syndrome within the technology industry. Why does everybody, from big corporate CTOs to junior developers, feel like such frauds?

Tech has a long way to go to become a “regular” industry because everything is fresh and dynamic. Every year, technologies, methods and tools change because nothing has yet matured to become a universal standard – so nothing is right, wrong, or according to “craft”. Truth is, a lot is guess work but, we’re just figuring things out, as any youngling does. Being a technology professional doesn’t mean knowing everything; it means doing everything the best as you possibly can.


Marek Gajda, CTO at The Software House

Jago Philippens, Head Of Product Development at TicketSwap


Emma Hopkinson-Spark, Chief of Staff, Coaching and Transformation Practice Director at 101 Ways

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The event is finished.


Oct 01 2021


7:30 am - 8:30 am

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