Cyber Security Regulatory Trends: A Burden or an Opportunity? (hosted by European Women Payments Network)

How the drive for more security & associated regulatory trends might help organisations meet their business objectives.



As we all experienced first-hand last year, there was an unprecedented increase in our reliance on digital networks and systems to keep the world from completely grinding to a halt. While our dependence on ICT structures continue to grow, so too have the cyber attacks and threat actors become ever more persistent and ubiquitous – in constant search for vulnerabilities to exploit in our digital infrastructures.

Governments have responded to this climate of continuous attacks and cyber incidents with directives and regulations aimed at increasing security and maintaining public trust in our financial infrastructures. Companies need to comply in order to prove their ability to secure their critical systems as well as the data stored, process and transferred.

As the complexity of keeping any organisation safe and secure continues to grow, we are challenged to comply with an increasing number of regulations while staying current in this dynamic environment. For security and compliance teams, it is imperative to keep the staff and top management informed of the urgency to comply.

However, could these challenges bring with them significant opportunities for our organisations to grow and thrive?

How might we reframe and meet these challenges to create an environment conducive to increased cybersecurity awareness among all the stakeholders across the entire enterprise – and effectively increasing an organisation’s security posture?

Join us on Thursday evening, September 16,2021 for a stimulating discussion on how the drive for more security and the associated regulatory trends might help meet their security objectives as well as creating opportunities in other important areas.

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Nov 18 2021


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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