Cygnas Technology Session on Additive Manufacturing

An expert review of Industry 4.0 ready technologies for the Energy & emerging industries, focusing on design, simulation & digitisation.



Cygnas Solutions invites you to our Technology Session on Additive Manufacturing

Cygnas Technology Sessions’ will be looking at the Energy and emerging industries, and how Industry 4.0 ready solutions for design, simulation and digitisation can improve quality, reduce cost, and increase profitability. Through these series of seminars, we will explore the range of Hexagon’s solutions in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Metrology and Operations.

Join us on Thursday 8th July, from 10:00 – 11:00 BST for a seminar on optimising your Additive Manufacturing process chain – including CAE, material selection, manufacturing and quality assurance. In this session we will discuss:

• Predicting performance and optimising the build process to save time, reduce waste and maximise profitability.

• Leveraging simulation, data and metrology to increase robustness and reliability in the manufacturing process.

• How Simufact can be used to explore and simulate the total process to predict distortion, residual stress and failures to provide guidance on ensuring a quality build the first time.

• How Cygnas Solutions can support you in meeting your Engineering and Analysis requirements

Cygnas Solutions can support you in meeting your Engineering and Analysis requirements making you an Industry 4.0 leader. MSC One, and Hexagon’s broader software solutions, will accelerate your company’s development and growth for Industry 4.0.

Cygnas Solutions. Innovation and Excellence in Engineering. From Subsea to Space.

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Jul 08 2021


5:00 am - 6:00 am

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