Data Science with NO programming – A ½ Day Practical Introduction for Audit (MBS Academy)

Data Science is not only for technical professionals! People from any background can do Data Science!



Key Benefits

Start looking at the complete picture – audit 100% of the records

Work efficiently – process 2,201,581 records as easily as 581 records

Increase the quality and reliability of your audits – supplement your audit experience with hard facts

Receive a blueprint for an analytics-based HR audit program

Audit across silos – link those employee and vendor bank accounts, or other records, finally and see what is going on


“Hi Mario, On behalf of the Internal Audit team, I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for that wonderful training on data analytics. The concept of data analytics is not something that everyone would accept gladly. When I first introduced data analytics to the team, there was a sense of agitation and confusion as to why and how we should implement it. This prompted me to seek for an external provider who can help me simplify things and you just did a wonderful job at that! Your training made data analytics seem easier.

You did not overwhelm the team with too much information and technicalities. The contents for two days were sufficient to cover the basics of data analytics. You managed to capture my team’s attention and eventually, their interest. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to our next session! ”

Rachelle R., CPA, CIA

Head of Group Internal Audit, Group Risk Management Unit; Banking; Asia-Pacific


“The ‘applied data analytics in RCA’ was my first training on data analytics, it was well structured and informative. The course content will definitely be of good use for me and my team here at SCAA as we are exploring ways to a more modern and more efficient ways to improve our internal audit service. The basics is what we will start with as suggested by you during the course.

As the course instructor you were very relaxed and answered all our questions and thank you for answering all my doubts, your help were very much appreciated. Despite not all of us had access to the databases on the computers, I believed we all had a view of how the data analytics on the databases you provided works. I will definitely consider more courses for my myself and my team with the institute in the future”

Kareen B. (IA Cert)

Manager Audit & Compliance (CEO Secretariat); Regulatory Body; EMEA

The event is finished.


Jun 08 - 09 2022


9:00 pm - 1:30 am

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