Decarbonizing Transportation: A US – Nordic dialogue

Join the cross-Atlantic discussion on Decarbonizing Transportation focusing on the potential of hydrogen and electrified maritime vessels



More than half of the world’s population live in cities, accounting for more than 70 % of the global carbon emissions and 60-80% of the energy consumption. In order to reach our climate goals, it is crucial to reduce emissions from the cities.
The Nordics and California are both front-runners when it comes to sustainable cities. But to reach the ambitious goals for decarbonizing cities; sharing of best-practices, innovative approaches and collaboration is needed. In order to kick-start new collaboration between the Nordics and the US, the Nordic Missions in Silicon Valley will organize three virtual deep dive sessions on decarbonizing cities, focused on Decarbonizing Buildings, Decarbonizing Transportation and Decarbonizing Cities with Data. The sessions are sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
All sessions are free and open for everyone to join.

This event: Decarbonizing Transportation – The Potential of Hydrogen and Electrified Maritime Vessels

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Nov 03 2021


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm