Decentralized Dance Party! (Virtual and Real World Event Experiences)

Join Us As We Wage Peace On A Global Scale!

The DDP has been working tirelessly to develop revolutionary new technologies that boosts spirits and enhance connection worldwide.

Our dream is to turn the entire world into a dance floor by blending online and offline worlds. To create synchronized global celebrations more powerful and moving than anything seen before and win the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying!



It has been a LONG and DOGELY journey hosting weekly Virtual Decentralized Dance Parties since the start of the pandemic. Now we take a pause to focus on our upcoming documentary film:

STILL! Party Paul will lead us in virtual celebration EVERY other Saturday night!

This Rated G family friendly evening includes art making, music and play, dance Partying, and we welcome the strange and awkward moments that are oh so classic!

Come hang out to forge the bonds of DDP Community, and we will wield a force for Peace the likes of which the world has never seen. Check out our Party Manifesto and Virtual Party Strategy Guide for more inspiration!

Service Notice: Themes and activities for DDP Community Gatherings are All Emergent and All Experimental.

In The Wake Of The Pandemic…

The Decentralized Dance Party is fully Decentralizing- to hundreds of living rooms across the globe! Believe it or not, these virtual Parties are hilarious peak experiences that often leave participants in tears of joy!

Do you yearn to connect, create and get silly with the most Authentic, Clever and Alive individuals on the planet? Then join us, for an all-out assault on the forces of fear and loneliness!

Official VDDP teaser:

Our Virtual Party Strategy Guide:

It’s Time.

To unleash the most innovative Parties the world has ever seen! Parties more Open and Decentralized than anything heretofore imagined!


We will create the ultimate virtual Party experiences


Link these virtual Parties SAFELY back into terrestrial realms!!

The plan is to unleash an armada of giant Soundboks speakers, Boomcases, Case Of Bass and classic boomboxes, to create a synchronized network of massive Social Distancing Parties and Balcony Parties across the globe! To deliver spontaneous joy to millions of strangers! EVERY Saturday night!

For over a decade, we’ve been working towards our goal of a Simultaneous Global Dance Party that will unite the entire world in celebration. Finally, we have the means to make it happen!

Learn more HERE:


The event is finished.


Jun 12 - 13 2021


10:00 pm - 1:00 am

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