Declaration for Responsible & Intelligent Data Practice – sprint co-design

Help us design the implementation process for the Declaration, for anyone interested in the Declaration, data ethics or co-design…



We’re delighted to welcome the Manchester-headquartered Co-operative Group as the latest supporter of the Declaration for Responsible & Intelligent Data Practice and with that, it is able to is move into its next phase.

This phase will see the development of an implementation framework so that more organisations can put this shared understanding of data best practice to use.

Like the Declaration’s 23 principles, it will be collaboratively designed, so that the framework represents the needs of organisations that want to work more ethically with data.

In Autumn 2021, a series of design sprints will be run to develop the framework, focussing on each of the Declaration’s themes:

common principles

collecting and using data

good governance 

respect for all

system design


sharing knowledge

open data

environmental impact

Each sprint will last two weeks with people being able to engage online.

Before starting the sprint series, this session will enable us to co-design the sprints, including their scope and sequence.

In this session, Open Data Manchester will explain:

What the Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice is

Why we need a shared vision for data across Greater Manchester

How it was developed and what the next steps are

There’ll also be time to answer any other questions you might have. We will then work together to shape the sprint process.

About the Declaration

The Declaration was co-designed over the 18 months to September 2020 with the generous support and expertise of practitioners from public, private, academic, civil-society and voluntary organisations.

It’s aim is to act not only as a statement of intent, but also as a means for developing and maintaining best practice in Greater Manchester.

Because it was created as part of a collaborative and deliberative process, it offers a common vision for what best practice in data for Greater Manchester, and everywhere, should look like.

Its aim is to act not only as a statement of intent, like the ‘first do no harm’ principle found in medical ethics, but also as a means for developing and maintaining best practice.

The event is finished.


Jul 19 2021


9:00 am - 10:30 am

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