Defining Data: The skill priority for all job roles

Explore the opportunities that data can present in your organisation.

Data is changing the way we work.

This webinar, hosted by Daniel Clark and Dr Sam Penrice, will help you understand more on how data is used, the opportunities it presents and barriers to using it effectively, as well as how you can go about upskilling your staff in this area.



In particular, this webinar will cover the following:

• What is data?

• How is data used in our lives and in business?

• What are the opportunities data presents?

• What are the key barriers to using data?

• What does BPP offer to enhance skills and confidence in data?

Who is this session for?

While this webinar is aimed at a general business audience, we would highly recommend this session for HR professionals and business leaders who need to understand more about data analysis, and address data as a skill priority in their business functions.

We expect demand for this session to be high, so early booking is recommended.

About the presenters

This session will be led by Daniel Clark and Dr Sam Penrice.

Daniel Clark is Head of Technology Professional Development at BPP, with responsibility for short courses relating to technology. He is a Chartered Accountant by training and has had a varied career in finance, HR, management and education. He is currently studying for a PhD at Lancaster University, researching the digital skills of professionals.

Dr Sam Penrice is a Data Tutor at BPP. Her work experience includes data science roles in edutech and agdata companies. Her career began in biosciences and she has gained over a decade of data analytics experience in multiple fields as well as diverse teaching experience. Sam has publications in a range of disciplines including biosciences, human computer interactions and psychology.

The event is finished.


Jul 21 2021


4:00 am - 5:00 am

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