DEFTECH TIDE Program (Defense Technologies)

TIDE serves as a framework for NC DEFTECH to identify cutting-edge technologies (Statewide Technology Scouting Model) and Accelerate technology transition in North Carolina to solve emerging defense and homeland security technology requirements.



TIDE serves to help companies advance technologies that will enhance the Warfighter’s capabilities in a changing Joint Multi-Domain Operational Environment to overcome current and emerging threats.

Purpose: The purpose of the DEFTECH TIDE Program is to highlight the rapidly changing federal technology landscape. At the same time, increase DoD R&D efforts and economic opportunities in NC. There are also opportunities where NC companies can team and be very competitive in meeting emerging federal technology requirements.

Endstate: TIDE catalyzes the NC Innovation Ecosystem to match cutting-edge technology solutions to national security requirements.

Goal: Identify leap-ahead technologies in NC, collaborate dual-use applications with federal stakeholders, and connect solutions to requirements.

Focus: DEFTECH researches and scouts NC for federal advanced technology opportunities to enhance the Warfighter and Warfighting Commands’ capabilities to overcome current and emerging threats.

The following technology areas are sought:

– National Critical and Emerging Technologies for DoD and across the services.

– USD(R&E) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Research and Engineering Modernization Priorities.


**TIDE RFI, Quad Chart, Video Overview, and other Supporting Documents**

1. Review the RFI in Google Drive for technology interest areas and submission instructions.

2. Use the provided Quad Chart for your submission.

3. Do not submit any proprietary information.

4. You may submit a 1-page whitepaper to elaborate on your technology submission.

The event is finished.


Nov 13 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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