DEI4EAI Workshop: Embodied AI and DEI Methods

What are the designers’ responsibilities within the design of Embodied AI? We will discuss desirable practices for designers. The workshop is part of a series of 4 workshops promoted by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Embodied AI (DEI4EmbodiedAI) project.



In our previous workshops, we learned and discussed about gender, race, ableism and their implications in the design of embodied AI. Thanks to the inspiring contribution of our speakers and participants from different countries and disciplines, we shed a light on the implications of our design actions on marginalised groups. In this fourth and last workshop we want to further discuss the designers’ responsibilities within the design of Embodied AI.

Stemming from an intersectional feminist perspective, the activities of this final workshop aim to raise awareness on the complexity of designing with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind. As a matter of fact, mainstream approaches in the design of technologies tend to marginalise populations characterised by some sort of diversity, whether they are women, an ethnic minority, or disabled people. And even when in place, traditional participatory methods often fail to achieve the desired inclusiveness as they fail to address the complexity and challenges that certain marginalised groups may face, hindering their ability to participate as equal partners in the design process.

Conscious about the impossibility of defining the ‘DE&I” toolkit, we will discuss desirable practices for designers engaged in the development of embodied AI systems.

What is the workshop about? In this, fully virtual, half-a-day workshop, three invited speakers will open up the stage for brief hands-on activities. In the activities we will: discuss problematic existing cases of Embodied AI; explore the implications of designing with diversity in mind; and reflect on our personal positions in relation to power and oppression.

The event is finished.


Nov 19 2021


8:00 am - 11:00 am

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