Demo Day: Impact Fintech and ESG Data (hosted by Copenhagen Fintech)

Join us for our first Demo Day of 2022 on as we put the spotlight on solutions addressing the impact and ESG data gap



Real action is needed for any kind of green transition to take place. Everyone is aware of the huge challenges facing society in terms of measuring and reducing negative environmental and social impacts but we are yet to see a true paradigm shift across industries. In other words: Lets have a little less talk and a lot more action.

We want to see solutions addressing the data gap on ESG and impact become widely adopted. Much of the technology already exists, but for real change to happen, we need to put even greater emphasis on the adoption and integration of these into core businesses.

Therefore, this Demo Day will be a little bit different than usual. Instead of just putting cool companies on stage, we want to encourage discussion on what it takes to actually make the leap and get into the following:

What are the hurdles to closing the data gap and how do we overcome them?

What are some examples of succesful adoption of the new technologies?

What is happening in the research area and how can we leverage this?

Don’t worry, we will still have fintech companies pitching their solutions, but we also want to focus on the greater context by challenging the industry to actually put them to use.

We very much hope to see you for this important and hopefully highly motivational session!


The event is finished.


Feb 09 2022


7:00 am - 9:30 am

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