Demystifying Geospatial Data

Join experts Matt Krusemark and Brian Timoney for professional tips, tricks and hacks to make the most of your own geospatial data.



Please join Mike Lampa, Great Data Minds Chief Analytics Officer, as he interviews Matt Krusemark (CEO of Kspatial) and Brian Timoney (Owner and Geospatial Data Architect at The Timoney Group) for an intriguing Executive Insights discussion. This session will open your eyes to the new and improved world of readily available/accessible geospatial data.

If you think of geospatial data as elusive, niche, or really hard to work with, this session is for you. Gone are the days when you needed a geospatial expert to help you work with the data, as the old barriers to getting started with geospatial data have gone away:

  • Geospatial support is not just in your BI software – it’s likely baked into your enterprise database, data warehouse, and some of your favorite Cloud-native tools like your Sales and CRM software.
  • Maps are becoming more commoditized/mainstream and the data has been essentially unlocked as a means to solve business problems.

Matt Krusemark and Brian Timoney are experts on the nuances of geospatial data. They will share simple tips and tricks for leveraging the tools and the people you already have in house (likely without a new investment).

They will also explore using 3rd party data – both where to get it and how to use it – to really drive insights. This will make for a quick ROI exercise to share with your executives so that you have the funding and support to expand into the more complex internal (proprietary) and external (public & commercial) data blending.

Join us for what is sure to be an insightful conversation.

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Nov 16 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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