Design an Alexa Voice App for Airbnb Guests: Hands-On Voice Design Workshop

In this live streaming UX design workshop, you’ll learn how to design a helpful experience for Airbnb guests – without a screen or interface



🚀 What We’ll Do

In this live streaming UX design workshop, you’ll learn how to design a great experience for users – without a screen or interface. You’ll put your new skills into practice by building an Alexa app that helps Airbnb hosts provide a great experience for their guests!

✅ Agenda

📝   We’ll start by learning the basics of voice app design, and the specific things you’ll have to consider when designing an experience without a visual interface.

📈   We’ll learn some key terms that voice design professionals use to outline different parts of the experience

🎨  You’ll sketch out a voice user flow, and identify key decision points in the process – and how to get users to their end goal.

✅  You’ll prototype your voice app using Voiceflow, an industry standard voice design app. You’ll actually get to test your prototype by speaking into your phone or laptop!

🌟  Finally, you’ll put everything together in a beautiful case study template that you can use in your portfolio!

🏡 Your Client

In this challenge, you’ll be working for Airbnb, an American vacation rental online marketplace company that wants to help everyday people find lodging and tourism experiences.

🤝 Who is this for?

🐤  UX Beginners who want to learn UX skills by actually doing it!

👩🏽‍💻  UX Designers-in-Training who want to add a unique project to their portfolio, and practice some voice design skills!

😎  UX Pros who want to sharpen their UX design skills or take a break from their daily work.

The event is finished.


Dec 02 2021


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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