DigCitSummit: Civic Readiness

Join us for our specifically designed #DigCitSummit around the NY State Civic Readiness for All Students Initiative




Why You Should Join Us

Our Civic Readiness #DigCitSummit will be an opportunity to experience both the¬†new digital citizenship pillars, as well as the¬†New York State Education Department’s Civic Readiness domains. Using this lens, we’ll explore ways our K-12 students can make a positive difference in local, global, and digital communities.

Our virtual event will spotlight school communities who #UseTech4Good as we explore the Digital Citizenship pillars and the new Civic Readiness competencies. The day is designed specifically for NY educators, but is open to all.

Our School Community Showcase will kick off the day at 9 am EST as we highlight the Lake Shore Central School District (LSCSD) and the commitment they made to digital citizenship four years ago. LSCSD embraced an intergenerational approach to learning at school, home, play, and continued to add layers to their school community learning together.

Sessions throughout the day will include educators throughout the state of New York, as well as invited speakers who will encourage conversation and action around digital citizenship, civic education, and what the Seal of Civic Readiness can look like in K-12 classrooms next year. Presenters who piloted the Civic Readiness program this year will also share their experiences, lessons learned, and plans moving forward.

Beyond the conversations, the day has been planned to meet you, K-12 educators where you are and help move you forward. This personalized approach towards professional learning is intended to help you embed both the Digital Citizenship and Civic Readiness skills and competencies through a variety of topics including: student agency, immersive technologies, digital wellness, balance and mental health, social/emotional learning (SEL), storytelling, digital literacy, media literacy, global education, Global Goals and SDGs, eSports and gaming, project and passion based learning, and ultimately how to #UseTech4Good.

We have planned this event to help plan what the Seal of Civic Readiness will look like in your classroom, school, and community. CTLE will be available and for anyone who would like to dig deeper over the summer, we are hosting a free Global IMPACTOR Summer Academy.

Our plan is to continue to support BOCES centers during the 2022-2023 academic year and we’ll host a live student showcase in June 2023 to celebrate Civic Readiness projects happening throughout the state of New York. We look forward to this year-long learning journey¬†with¬†you.

What is a DigCitSummit?

We held the first Digital Citizenship Summit (2015) was the first conference to carve out space and time to host the very first all digital citizenship conference. Since that time, we have hosted our #DigCitSummit around the world modeling a proactive approach towards digital citizenship.

A #DigCitSummit is a gathering of digital citizenship enthusiasts and influencers who are committed to becoming a force for good online. Our ‚Äč#DigCitSummit builds connections among four critical stakeholders namely, students, educators, parents/caregivers, and community thought leaders. This multiple stakeholders approach provides an opportunity to address the positive ways to actively use social media and technology.

Civic Ready students use civic knowledge, skills and mindsets to make decisions and take actions for themselves, their communities, and public good as members of a culturally diverse, democratic society. Schools, therefore, must provide students meaningful opportunities to develop specific civic knowledge, skills, and mindsets‚ÄĒand to participate in authentic actions and experiences‚ÄĒthat are necessary for them to function as productive civic participants within their schools, communities, states, our country and the world.

The event is finished.


Jun 11 2022


9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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