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Monthly webinars to help leaders with digital accessibility challenges to find solutions as they accelerate digital projects.



Join us at our free monthly webinar where we you can discuss a different hot topic with our top accessibility experts each month .

If you’ve only got 1 hour a month to improve your digital accessibility knowledge, this is where to spend it!

Upcoming Webinars

24th February 2022 ‚Äď Accessibility & Friction in the Retail Journey.¬†In the UK in 2021, customers were expected to spend ¬£141.33 billion in online shopping, while 89% of retailers say their digital and e-commerce platforms need improvement. With such a recognised experience gap how can accessibility help to reduce friction in the retail journey? In this session we‚Äôll talk about the accessibility challenges of different digital platforms and in-store experiences, the importance of understanding all your user needs across your key user journeys, and tips for getting past common friction points to make your consumers’ purchase journeys as smooth as possible.

24th March 2022 ‚Äď Q&A for Designers.¬†*More details to follow*

How our webinars help you

Whatever your role in delivering digital accessibility, these webinars are designed to help you develop your accessibility knowledge and maturity in your organisation.

Accessibility is a critical part of the digital product development process, and we all need to make sure that, in the rush to get products delivered, we don’t short-change those with accessibility issues.

In talking to our network and clients at Hassell Inclusion, it’s clear they’re facing many challenges with this, at a time when digital is more important than ever before.

Our Digital Accessibility Experts Live webinars allow digital leaders and their teams to ask us their accessibility questions and get answers from our Hassell Inclusion accessibility experts.

Each month our webinar takes an important accessibility topic and shares practical advice and tips, from the perspectives of developers, designers, content authors, testers and the digital and product managers who lead them.

Come and be part of our accessibility community, and get expert advice from our experienced team who can help you get the benefits out of inclusive design.

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Feb 24 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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