Digital Assistant Throwdown: Testing Various Capabilities of Voice Assistants and Learning Best Practices to Improve Them.

An event where we will test out various capabilities of voice assistants and learn best practices to improve them.



Can your favorite voice assistant count by 2s or add two items to your shopping list at once? We tested the core capabilities of several major VAs and got some pretty hilarious responses like

Q: Count to 10 by twos

A: How long should the timer be?


Q: Is it Tuesday or Wednesday

A: No, Wednesday is not Tuesday. Tuesday is on July 21, 2020.

Not the most helpful response if you’ve lost track of the days while sequestered at home. We asked 189 questions of 5 major VAs and found surprisingly poor results, even on very simple questions. That was a bit sad but the testing was so fun that we wanted to get more people involved!

Our test questions and the assessment guidelines are available at and we want to invite you to look at what we’ve done and use it as a jumping off point to probe YOUR favorite “smart” assistant.

Join Christy Doran, Debbie Dahl and Shyamala Prayaga for one of many live discussion sessions scheduled to evaluate different aspects of voice assistant every month.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve done any advance exploration or not–we think it will be especially fun for people to be able to test live during our conversation, so keep your favorite smart speaker or phone app version of same handy.

The event is finished.


Jul 14 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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