Digital Democracies Tech Talk: Making terrible robots and making them great

Join Air Giants, a new creative robotic studio, to hear their stories about building large-scale robots, and the true value of prototyping



The aim of this class is to introduce the audience to the importance of interactivity and engagement, the value of aiming low when prototyping, and the challenges of starting a creative technology business in the middle of a pandemic. All through the medium of robots.

Built for close-up interaction with people, using little more than fabric, air, light, and computation, Air Giants’ big-scale robots draw from puppetry, robotics, software, and interactive technology, and they aim to bring a sense of joy and wonder to large audiences.

The speaker, Richard Sewell, who co-founded Air Giants in 2020, building a company made of people skilled in software design, aesthetic design, fabrication and robotics, will discuss their giant joyful interactive robots, share insights about how they came to make them, and their history with creative technology, robotics and interaction. The outcome of the class is to get a general understanding of emotionally effective technology, and the processes behind projects created for large audiences.

We invite 16+ people interested in art, technology, and robotics in particular.

Air Giants is a new creative robotic studio founded in 2020. They are based in Bristol, UK, and comprise a small team of artists, roboticists and software engineers. The studio is passionate about creating emotionally effective motion at a scale that is thought-provoking and transporting, as well as expanding the notion of what large robots can be used for.

The event is finished.


Sep 30 2021


8:00 am - 9:00 am

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