Digital Enterprise CIO & Data Transformation

Digital Transformation starts here. Join leading C-Suite executives at our Digital Enterprise CIO & Data Transformation Assembly.



Request to attend our 2-day think tank on digital enterprise & data transformation! This assembly features 1-1 networking opportunities, interactive roundtable and workshop discussions, as well as keynotes and panels led by industry leaders, analysts & academics in the space.

Topics of Discussion:

Culture Management in Transition: From Traditional Software Development Process to Agile

How Data Governance is Changing Big Data: Facing Increased Regulation for Consumer Privacy

Building The US Technical Workforce: Where We Are & Projections on Where We’re Going

Leading the Data Science Change: Expectations for Enabling Business Success

EDI Uncertainty: How Can We Get to a Total Based Commerce Relationship?

Is Customer Intelligence the Predictor of Revenue Growth and Profitability?

Accelerating Resilience and Making Your Cloud-First Journey a Success

Breaking the Barriers to Trust Robotic Process Automation

This isn’t Your Run-of-the-Mill Zoom Conference.
Our Founders, like many C-Suite executives today, became disillusioned by the slew of webinars, summits, and events on the market today that promised “world-class networking” opportunities with leading industry decision-makers. In reality, they found that these events had antiquated & impersonal discussion topics, and quite frankly, it seemed like just about anyone could attend the event.

Our Assembly agendas are data-driven and curated from our industry-expert Advisory Board, a group of 31 industry movers and shakers with a proven record of digitally transforming organizations from the ground up. Our topics of discussion reflect the most poignant & relevant challenges the industry is facing at the time of the Assembly. You won’t find this level of content, discussion, and engagement anywhere else. We’re on the journey to digitally transform the industry with you.

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Sep 22 - 23 2021


11:00 am - 4:00 pm