Digital Neurodiversity Group: increasing the neurodiversity of teams in Scotland’s tech sector

CodeClan’s Digital Diversity Group, supported by Lloyds Bank’s Women ConnecTech network, bring you this Digital Neurodiversity Group event.



“It’s important to me to challenge these misconceptions and stereotypes [about autism and learning diferences] because I believe that our ambitions and dreams should have no limits. This is especially true if these limitations are placed on you by a society that underestimates your potential.”

– Siena Castellon, award-winning advocate for neurodiversity, author and founder of the ‘Neurodiversity Celebration Week’

Neurodivergent employees often have higher-than-average abilities; research shows that some conditions, including autism and dyslexia, can bestow special skills in pattern recognition, memory, or mathematics.

Yet those affected often struggle to fit the profiles sought by prospective employers. Under 25% of autistic adults in the UK are in full-time employment, even though over 75% express a desire to work. A key barrier to employment for people with a neurodiverse condition begins at the early stages of recruitment.

Join us for an engaging panel discussion about what neurodiversity is, and the strengths that can be created by increasing the neurodiversity of teams in Scotland’s tech sector.

The event is finished.


Jun 23 2021


7:00 am - 8:00 am

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